top 10 newborn essentails

Caps, Mittens & Booties

These are one of the most preferred baby clothing essentials to protect the baby from outside weather conditions which the newborn will take time to get accustomed to. The Caps, Mittens & Booties covers most of the sensitive areas of baby like scalp, head, ear, hands, fingers & feet areas. The baby mittens & booties also protects the baby from getting self-injuries from their own finger & toe nails. These are generally available in elastic, tying & rib closure variants which can be chosen accordingly. 


Jablas are one of the most comfortable unisex Indian baby daily wear for all season use. These are thin in texture which allows the baby’s skin to breathe comfortably. These are made from pure cotton, glasco, muslin & hosiery clothing materials. The easy to wear baby clothing comes in sleeveless, full & half sleeve designs. The closures of Jablas include button, back & shoulder tying & gown type designs for convenience to use.

Langot / Washable Cloth Diapers

A Langot is a traditional Indian version of diaper, it helps in effectively shielding the baby’s bedding from getting soiled and works as a reusable baby diaper pant. The Langot is mostly made out of soft Cotton Hosiery material to make the baby feel comfortable while wearing all day long. These are also available with pad and without pad variations, the pad variant makes it easy to replace the soiled pad with clean ones rather than replacing the whole Langot. Apart from being convenient to use all day long it can be easily adjustable as per size and various tying closures.


After delivery, most babies are wrapped in thin clothing during first few days so that the baby can feel the warmth of incubation. During such days it becomes difficult in getting the baby dressed as the baby’s body is delicate to handle, this is where the Wrappers comes in handy. It also helps in protecting the baby’s body from cold wind, mosquitoes, flies & more. These are mostly available in soft cotton hosiery or thin muslin clothing material which allows the baby’s skin to breathe comfortably when worn all day long. 

Carry Nest

Carry Nest helps in carrying the baby around, such as hospital & outside visits without disturbing the baby’s sleep. The lightweight & portability in design makes it easy to hold while carrying around. These come mostly built with soft recron cushioning which helps in keeping the baby safe & also doubles up as a travelling bed. The Carry Nest is made out of muslin, hosiery cotton & velvet clothing material to make the baby feel comfortable while being wrapped around all day long. For all season use soft cotton clothing material is mostly preferred by patents due to flexibility of washing.

Hooded Towel

Hooded Towel is somewhat similar to baby wrapper as it is used when the baby is carried around by holding on shoulder and to cover the baby’s body while sleeping. It also helps in protecting the baby’s complete body from outside weather conditions. These also effectively protect the baby’s body from mosquitoes, flies & bugs & more. The Hooded Towel is made out of terry, muslin, hosiery cotton, velvet & fur material to make the baby feel comfortable while being wrapped around all day long. For all season use soft hosiery clothing material is mostly preferred by parents due to flexibility in washing.

Mosquito Net

The Mosquito Net helps in providing effective protection for Babies from mosquitoes, flies & bugs. These come in user-friendly umbrella & canopy models which can be easily folded & stored. The transparent Mosquito Net design allows free air flow as well as helps in keeping a watchful eye on your baby. These are mostly made from thin foldable plastic and with satin net material. The lightweight & portability feature in design makes the mosquito net easy to carry around.



This multipurpose use product has different names such as dry sheets, plastic sheets & bed protectors. These help in protecting the bedding mattress from getting soiled from baby’s urine. Apart from reducing a new parents need to change bedsheets on frequent intervals, these are made from soft rubber, silicone & plastic materials. The preferred choice is mostly the ones which have plastic, silicone or rubber coating on one side & the other side consisting of soft clothing material. The lightweight & quick to dry feature in design makes it a user friendly product.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are thick water based paper tissues, which help in dressing & maintaining hygiene of the baby. These are mostly used to clean baby’s sensitive area such as arm pits & baby’s diaper area during diaper changing process. Regular use reduces causing of redness, allergy or irritation to the sensitive baby skin when compared to use of cloth based wipes. Few wet wipes come in fragrant & non-fragrant variations which help in soothing the baby.

Head Rest Pillow

The Head Rest Pillow is the most neglected baby product by new parents in the journey of parenting. These have hollow depth in the middle to rest the baby’s head with soft recon stuffing which helps in keeping the baby neck steady while sleeping. A new born baby mostly has difficulty in keeping the neck steady while sleeping due to development stage of tender neck muscles. If the baby’s neck is not paid attention in early development stage, it can hinder the proper development of tender neck & spine muscles. The outer cover of Head Rest Pillow is made from soft hosiery cotton, & velvet clothing material. For all season use soft cotton clothing material is mostly preferred by patents.

Summary: There are many traditionally followed daily care practices & household items used when it comes to upbringing of a newborn. Growing awareness and rising baby health concerns has led to introduction of innovative baby care products in the baby care segment to match changing lifestyles. Not only these, there are many more daily care baby essentials which are introduced on regular basis to make a new parents life easy. Use of such easy to implement daily care products, helps in maintaining the baby’s hygiene & simplify a new parent’s parenting journey. When it comes to choosing of color while selecting daily baby care products, most preferred is sober pastel colors such as blue, pink, yellow & more. All we can say, as a parent yourself with using such newborn essentials you can easily take care of your baby & convert your parenting journey into an enjoyable experience.

We Wish you, all the very best with the upbringing of your baby. 

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